The institute has a fleet of six buses to fulfill the transportation requirements of the students and staff. A dedicated,well experienced team of eight drivers drive these buses timely to get students to the college and drop them back after the college. As per the norms of RTO the buses have been fitted with the GPS (Global Positioning System) to continuously track the vehicle and speed governors for limit the speed of the vehicles.The buses run through the town as per the defined route covering Chikodi town.The regular trips are arranged to get the girl students from the girls hostel and from Chikodi bus stand to get from Chikodi town to the campus. All buses put together make 60 trips daily bringing in fifteen hundred students to the campus and dropping them back in time.Special trips are arranged on weekends for the hostel students to take them to the town. The buses are also used for the industrial visits.

Bus Drivers, Principal & Vehicle In-charge

Prof. V.M. Budyal

Transportation In-charge


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