Guru Vriksha

In the view of enriching the academic experience of students, we have launched a college intranet service on 5th September 2014 called “Guru Vriksha”-Academic Resource Repository.
Guru Vriksha provides a variety of services to help students succeed in their Academics. It is a student’s one-stop-point for the most comprehensive set of academic resources available at our college campus. Guru Vriksha is excellent way for students to get academic related materials like,
  • VTU Previous Years Question Papers
  • Unit-Wise Question Bank.
  • Model Question Paper with Model Answers
  • Points to be Remembered
  • Internal Assessment Question Paper with Evaluation Schemes
  • Placement Resources
  • Materials for various Technical Subjects
  • Video of how to attend interview- Do’s and don’ts, Soft skill Development
  • Other Resources- Tips for Group Discussion, HR Tips
  • Technical Interview Question Papers
                                          And many more…..


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